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PSpice Model Editor Parameters

Posted 2012. 03. 24 Updated 2014. 04. 21 Views 17407 Replies 0

Parameter - Description - Unit - Default 순서
AF flicker noise exponent 1.0
BF ideal maximum forward beta 100.0
BR ideal maximum reverse beta 1.0
CJC base-collector zero-bias p-n capacitance farad 0.0
CJE base-emitter zero-bias p-n capacitance farad 0.0
CJS (CCS) substrate zero-bias p-n capacitance farad 0.0
CN quasi-saturation temperature coefficient for hole mobility 2.42 NPN 2.20 PNP
D quasi-saturation temperature coefficient for scattering-limited hole carrier velocity 0.87 NPN 0.52 PNP
EG bandgap voltage (barrier height) eV 1.11
FC forward-bias depletion capacitor coefficient 0.5
GAMMA epitaxial region doping factor 1E-11
IKF (IK) corner for forward-beta high-current roll-off amp infinite
IKR corner for reverse-beta high-current roll-off amp infinite
IRB current at which Rb falls halfway to amp infinite
IS transport saturation current amp 1E-16
ISC (C4) † base-collector leakage saturation current amp 0.0
ISE (C2) † base-emitter leakage saturation current amp 0.0
ISS substrate p-n saturation current amp 0.0
ITF transit time dependency on Ic amp 0.0
KF flicker noise coefficient 0.0
MJC (MC) base-collector p-n grading factor 0.33
MJE (ME) base-emitter p-n grading factor 0.33
MJS (MS) substrate p-n grading factor 0.0
NC base-collector leakage emission coefficient 2.0
NE base-emitter leakage emission coefficient 1.5
NF forward current emission coefficient 1.0
NK high-current roll-off coefficient 0.5
NR reverse current emission coefficient 1.0
NS substrate p-n emission coefficient 1.0
PTF excess phase @ 1/(2π·TF)Hz degree 0.0
QCO epitaxial region charge factor coulomb 0.0
QUASIMOD quasi-saturation model flag for temperature dependence if QUASIMOD = 0, then no GAMMA, RCO, VO temperature dependence if QUASIMOD = 1, then include GAMMA, RCO, VO temperature dependence Default = 0
RB zero-bias (maximum) base resistance ohm 0.0
RBM minimum base resistance ohm RB
RC collector ohmic resistance ohm 0.0
RCO ‡ epitaxial region resistance ohm 0.0
RE emitter ohmic resistance ohm 0.0
TF ideal forward transit time sec 0.0
TR ideal reverse transit time sec 0.0
TRB1 RB temperature coefficient (linear) °C-1 0.0
TRB2 RB temperature coefficient (quadratic) °C-2 0.0
TRC1 RC temperature coefficient (linear) °C-1 0.0
TRC2 RC temperature coefficient (quadratic) °C-2 0.0
TRE1 RE temperature coefficient (linear) °C-1 0.0
TRE2 RE temperature coefficient (quadratic) °C-2 0.0
TRM1 RBM temperature coefficient (linear) °C-1 0.0
TRM2 RBM temperature coefficient (quadratic) °C-2 0.0
T_ABS absolute temperature °C
T_MEASURED measured temperature °C
T_REL_GLOBAL relative to current temperature °C
T_REL_LOCAL relative to AKO model temperature °C
VAF (VA) forward Early voltage volt infinite
VAR (VB) reverse Early voltage volt infinite
VG quasi-saturation extrapolated bandgap voltage at 0° K V 1.206
VJC (PC) base-collector built-in potential volt 0.75
VJE (PE) base-emitter built-in potential volt 0.75
VJS (PS) substrate p-n built-in potential volt 0.75
VO carrier mobility knee voltage volt 10.0
VTF transit time dependency on Vbc volt infinite
XCJC fraction of CJC connected internally to Rb 1.0
XCJC2 fraction of CJC connected internally to Rb 1.0
XCJS fraction of CJS connected internally to Rc
XTB forward and reverse beta temperature coefficient 0.0
XTF transit time bias dependence coefficient 0.0
XTI (PT) IS temperature effect exponent 3.0

† The parameters ISE (C2) and ISC (C4) can be set to be greater than one. In this case, they are interpreted as multipliers of IS instead of absolute currents: that is, if ISE is greater than one, then it is replaced by ISE·IS. Likewise for ISC.

‡ If the model parameter RCO is specified, then quasi-saturation effects are included.
* For information on T_MEASURED, T_ABS, T_REL_GLOBAL, and T_REL_LOCAL, see .MODEL (model definition).

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